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Yantra & tantra

Benefits of Yantra & tantra

Tantras and Yantras are very commonly used techniques in day to day life of humans while the Horizons of the Mantra technique are still being explored by scientists and inventors. But expert Astrologers already know the importance and principles of working behind these techniques and use all of them effectively to get desired results for their clients. GemStones and other devices like Sidh Yantras, they all fall in the category of Yantras and do their job automatically once they have been installed properly on a human body. The common remedial measures like performing some specific charities to some specific persons or places on a specified day and time, these are all Tantras and they definitely work if the Astrologer prescribing them knows the exact codes of the Tantra behind a specific Remedy.

Now moving on to the Mantras,This is a very powerful technique and can do many such things which can not be done by using Yantra or Tantra techniques.Thus a specific set of words or a Mantra is prescribed to be chanted in a specific rhythm and tone for a fixed number of times each day to get the desired result from the planet